Blog 03, Jan

GetonMining Principles

GetonMining's Purpose and Mission

1. Releasing tokens from Geton Liquidity-poll to the global market.

2. Increasing the demand on the global market for GetonCoin - liquidity & price.

3. Supporting TSPE activities inside the GetonGlobal platform.

How is GetonMining working?

1. Buy GetonCoin (GETON) on the global market (

2. Have an account on and request a deposit (min. 30 GETON).

3. Send GetonCoin (GETON) to the mining wallet (0x6e9f047c6b4b3e1cd805e1790eed7c5aaac76ce8).

4. Open the desired mining plan (30 GETON/30 Days, 60GETON/60 Days, 90GETON/90 Days).

5. Daily receive mining rewards and transfer tokens to the Global Exchange to sell


6. Open an additional Mining Plan with rewarded tokens from mining.

GetonMining's deposit options

1. Buy GetonCoin (GETON) with BTC, ETH, LTC,... (the exchange rate is updated on a daily basis).

2. Deposit GetonCoin (GETON) from any ethereum wallet or directly from the CREX24.

3. Buy GetonCoin (GETON) with PiplCoin (PIPL) or PronCoin (PRON) (daily exchange rate).

GetonMining's withdrawal option

1. Withdraw GetonCoin (GETON) to any Ethereum wallet (you need to have in control your private key).