Blog 03, Jan

Instructions and Guidelines

To create an account on, please follow the guidelines:


The option to buy GetonCoin with BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, or DAI is supported by Coinbase API and works automatically. 
When using this option, you need to follow the instructions, set by Coinbase API and send exactly the amount which is stated and to the provided address - inside the requested period. If not, your transaction will not be processed automatically and will be delayed.
USDT exchanged through this option is used for buying GetonCoin on the global market.

Deposit Geton

Whether you are depositing GetonCoin or buying GGETON with PiplCoin or PronCoin, please follow the instructions, set in the final step of the deposit request.
Also take into consideration the transaction fees, which are charged by ethereum network or third-party providers. 
Deposit GetonCoin

The mining Plan can be open from the account balance. 
That means, you should have an available GETON balance in your wallet, and just then you are eligible to open a desired Mining Plan.
Open Plan

GetonCoin (GETON) is able to request when your wallet balance is higher than 30 GETON + 1 GETON for a withdrawal fee.
You can request withdrawal to any Ethereum wallet - please consider having in control wallet's private key.